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August 21, 2020
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October 20, 2020

Scotch Bonnet Pepper Seeds


Capsicum chinense. So named because of its resemblance to a Tam O’ Shanter Scottish cap, this pepper packs a rather powerful kick, with a nice fruity flavor and has a great aroma.

Scotch Bonnet pepper seeds produce the brightly colored chili peppers that are primarily used in Jamaican and other Caribbean cooking.  They are world renown for a flavor profile that is quite distinct from its close cousin the Habanero. If you want the traditional flavor of Jerk seasoning or a Jamaican Hot Sauce, you have to use Scotch Bonnets. Give this variety a little extra time to mature and as much heat as possible. 150,000 – 325,000 SHUs.

Plants must be moved indoors over winter  and if kept in a warm room with lots of light, can produce as perennials for a few years.

These are the real Mckoy – Not West Indies Red or Caribbean Hot. They do not turn Red at full maturity. 100% Scotch Bonnet Pepper Seeds.


Matures in 90 – 120 days (Open pollinated Seeds)
Weight0.005 kg
Dimensions2.25 × 3.5 × .5 cm
Package Size

5g approximately 110 seeds


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